About Us

Centre Philosophy

We are a Christian Early Childhood Centre, committed to providing childcare and education of excellence. Our purpose is to enhance the development of children in all areas of Biblical belief, lifestyle, behaviour, character and habit. Children develop to their fullest potential when education and care is offered within an environment of spiritual character, values and principles.
Our desire is to care for and nurture the coming generations, sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ with children and their families.
“We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power and the wonderful things He has done.” (Psalm 78:4)
We recognise varied individual learning characteristics and provide a rich, exciting and fun play environment where children are able to explore, create, discover, contribute, choose and learn.

Vision and Values


We are passionate and dedicated to imparting our Biblical beliefs and values into the next generation. We believe your child is a miracle; full of innate creativity, dreams, giftings, and potential. Moreover, it is our privilege to be able to provide love, education, and care for your child.


At City Impact Church childcare we value family and relationships; providing a place where you and your child can feel welcomed, at home, and be part of our family. We believe that you, as parents and caregivers, know your children the best. Therefore, from the very start of your child’s journey with us we want to work in partnership. Your children will feel safe, loved, and have a sense of belonging.


With a confidence in knowing they are in a safe place, your child will naturally want to explore, build relationships, and develop a love for learning. Our programme is specially designed to foster relationships; with an individual teacher caring for your child, extending their interests, and meeting their needs. Our desire is to see children become capable learners, who are confident in their identity and grow more into their God given potential.


Our team has a genuine love for children, we share our Christian values and beliefs while also reflecting the multi-cultural nature of our community. Our teachers are hand-picked for their knowledge and skills, but most of all, for their character and conduct to be the best examples for your children. With our low ratios, continuity of care and a vibrant programme, you can rest assured that your child’s needs will be met, and their days full of learning and fun. Your child’s early years with us will lay a firm foundation for your child to build upon in every area of their life.

Our Curriculum

Our Creed

I am made in the image of God. I am confident in my identity, purpose and influence. Full of the power of the Holy Spirit I live according to the Word of God in character and conduct to be a Kingdom Builder, World Changer and Dominion Taker.

Biblical Curriculum

Throughout the day, whether at home or in the centre, there are multiple teachable and learning moments occurring for your child.  Our Biblical curriculum is designed to capture and build on these and encompasses all of their life here at City Impact Church Childcare.  Whether it is opportunities children create for themselves, the daily routines which occur within the centre, or the learning experiences the teachers plan and implement.
City Impact Church Childcare Centres raise a new generation of extra-ordinary children who know their God and His purposes.  With an emphasis on family, the centre is a safe environment for our children to grow and develop.  Our children discover who they are in God and what their place is in history.  As we care for and educate your child in body, mind and spirit, they will grow up with the foundational Biblical building blocks equipping them to be 10 times better in every sphere of life.

Te Whāriki - The NZ Early Childhood Education Curriculum

Te Whāriki is an inclusive curriculum – a curriculum for all children. Inclusion encompasses gender and ethnicity, diversity of ability and learning needs, family structure and values, socio-economic status and religion. Te Whāriki holds the promise that all children will be empowered to learn with and alongside others by engaging in experiences that have meaning for them. This requires kaiako (teachers) to actively respond to the strengths, interests, abilities and needs of each child and, at times, provide them with additional support in relation to learning, behaviour, development or communication.
Offering an inclusive curriculum also involves adapting environments and teaching approaches as necessary and removing any barriers to participation and learning. Teaching inclusively means that kaiako will work together with families, whānau and community to meet the needs of all learners.